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Oasis Collection

Oasis, an unexplored garden

The oneiric inspiration of a garden is an essential element of the Carine Gilson universe. The invitation to travel is once again promised through an exotic flair imbued to the pre-Fall & Winter 2021-2022 collection : Oasis. Immersed in a timeless fantasy, absorbed in a marvelous reverie, translated through captivating patterns and delicate lace inlays. The collection depicts thriving nature : plants, palm-trees and flowers by the thousand thanks to an exhilarating color palette. Oasis exudes otherworldly perfumes. It is a multiplicity of greenery parading on bewitching motifs and the shimmering reflections of silk and on our « bamboo » lace.

Inspirations from afar

Carine Gilson explores a new garden of warm horizons, the most exotic one so far. The Eastern and Japanese influences are at its core as well as a fantasy fauna and flora aesthetic. The starting point of this collection : a vintage print that was reworked. The collection brings together some of the key inspirations of the house ; the garden : infinite source of creativity, the Japanese-inspired prints : enchanted and mysterious with a hint of Art déco and Art nouveau. Different influences that intertwine with harmony in order to create a journey across an unprecedented garden, from the brightness of the oasis to the phosphorescence of its twilight.

From the Ateliers Carine Gilson

Straight from foreign nature and extraordinary make-believe, the Oasis collection is an enticement to discover and re-discover emblematic pieces from the Carine Gilson house with this collection’s pattern. It is a dream- like world of a great sensuality, highlighting the couture lingerie house’s unmatched savoir-faire.

The softness of this universe is to be found right on one’s skin, in the light and ethereal silhouettes of the creations made by hand by highly-skilled artisans in the Brussels-based atelier : the lightness and freedom enabled by a Carine Gilson slip dress.

Sleek and elegant lines sublimate the figure and the printed silk and inlaid lace bring the exceptional universe of the Carine Gilson house to life.

Discover the Oasis Collection

The emblematic Carine Gilson kimonos, the slip dresses and the déshabillés are to be rediscovered in a new light in this collection. The abundance of colors and motifs are an insinuation of oriental fragrances and flavors : whether it is the sweetness of pineapple in the glimmering silk, the softness of cinnamon, the jade stone or the essence of lavender in a compelling print. The lace inlays, signature of the house, are reimagined in the theme of the collection ; the “Bamboo” lace is disseminated on numerous pieces of the collection.

Discover the Oasis collection

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