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Authenticity in Artisanship

The Art of Passion and Patience

Each piece created  in the Carine Gilson ateliers requires patience and precision ; it takes 4m80 of silk to make a kimono, 484 pins are stitched on by hand, one by one, to place the lace on an underdress and 18 000m of lace are inlaid every  year.

The positioning of the pattern is a key element of the composition of a kimono, the different parts must assemble perfectly in order to create a picture.

Where the magic happens

Carine Gilson favours manual gestures which elevate her creations to couture pieces. From the bias work in the manner of Madeleine Vionnet to the pleating of the lace like Madame Grès and the cutting and inlaying of the Chantilly Lace which is the house’s DNA, everything is made by hand.

From the Carine Gilson Ateliers

Unlike many other couture ateliers, during the conception of her collections, the designer does not start her models with cotton toile but uses silk to anticipate as accurately as possible how the garment will ultimately drape.

For luxury is precious rarity, the Carine Gilson ateliers manufacture a maximum of around 100 pieces per design. It is the transmission of a know-how of excellence and the passion for this artistic craft which bring these exceptional pieces to life.

Manufacturer of dreams

The Carine Gilson house uses the artisanship and know-how of the past century to create novelty ; Art déco, Japonism and Art nouveau are recurring themes of the collections.

The respect for technique and craftsmanship comes to life to create timeproof, lasting, indelible pieces and elevates a passion to the rank of an art form.

Inspiration and fabric gather and with an unparalleled know-how, create a secret garden of dreams and beauty.

Discover the “Les Intemporels” collection

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