Carine Gilson's Values

#1 Exceptional creations

The exceptional takes on singular status in the creations of Carine Gilson. A signature of the Maison, its lingerie sets, worn separately or combined, for each precious moment, unreservedly. Using the finest materials, with unparalleled savoir-faire, Carine Gilson has elevated her passion to an art form.

#2 Authenticity in Artisanship

True luxury is a precious rarity. Each Carine Gilson creation is made by hand in the Maison’s ateliers, by highly-skilled artisans. With an unwavering aesthetic, meticulous patience and passionate rigour. Here, the love of artisanship finds its highest expression. Each Carine Gilson creation comes together in consummate synchrony, in every stitch. Never short of perfection.

#3 Lace inlay on Silk

The finest silks inlaid with the most beautiful lace; Carine Gilson collections have elevated this exquisite métier to new heights. From its beginnings, the Maison has worked with Caudry lace and Lyon silk in partnership with France’s premier ateliers in Calais and Lyon. Carine Gilson draws her endlessly renewed inspiration from the perfect marriage of silk and lace.

#4 An invitation to travel

Each pattern is an exclusive one-of-a-kind. Inspired by nature, Art Deco, ethereal otherworldliness, the subtlest lacework ornamentation and the shimmering reflectivity of silk. The rêveries of Carine Gilson find their expression in these delicate inlays, these magnificent laces, these reimagined motifs; in all these details brought so subtly to light. Each collection is an invitation to a journey through time and space. An invitation to trace, against the skin, the unbridled imagination and delicate convolutions of the Carine Gilson universe.

#5 By day By night

Carine Gilson dresses the night, the day and the evening in her inimitable style, like no other. Each creation worn like a rare jewel. Each exceptional piece reveals her power of seduction. On the red carpet or in an intimate setting. To wear the exceptional, to take wing, to reinvent oneself. This is the sublime dance of contradictions.