Product Care

You have just treated yourself to an exceptional and unique natural silk creation. Silk is a precious material with diaphanous fibres, conferring the unparalleled way it drapes so smoothly and elegantly. If you notice any minor irregularities, they are simply the stamp of its authenticity. We recommend that you treat your garment gently and carefully. Its authentic beauty is fragile. Wearing silk is a delight, but as a natural material, silk needs to “rest”. Avoid wearing the same garment over several consecutive days.

How to look after a Carine Gilson creation

We recommend dry cleaning. Machine washes are not recommended but careful handwashing may be carried out.


Only wash your silk products by hand in cool water (no more than 25°C).
Use a very mild phosphate-free detergent. We recommend Soyelle. Gently soak without leaving the silk item in water for too long and without rubbing.


Rinse thoroughly in cold water (you can add a teaspoon of white vinegar in the rinse water for bright or dark colours).
Gently wrap (roll) your item in a clean towel to remove the water.
Do not leave your item in the towel or in damp conditions.
Never rub silk when it is wet.


Do not leave your damp item crumpled. Spread it out flat at room temperature, far from sunlight or a heating source.


We do not advise you to use a steam iron. Iron your slightly damp item inside out with an iron set to position 2 or silk without pressing too hard on the seams.