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Carine Gilson X Pierre Marcolini

A breath of chocolate lace for Valentine’s Day

As if it by destiny, the masters of chocolate and lace combine their creativity and expertise in this refined collection.

When Carine Gilson joined Pierre Marcolini in his studio for a culinary collaboration, a collection of four pieces were born that unites the delicacy of an
exceptional grand cru chocolate with the elegance of lace that wraps the boxes.
These handcrafted creations are made with love.

Collector’s Edition « Garden of Lace »

These boxes of 25 Coeurs will have a limited-edition release, presented in a silk pouch, each one hand printed in Carine Gilson’s studio.

A limited number of 50 will be available from January 24 in prestigious Pierre Marcolini boutiques.

Carine-gilson-saintvalentin x Pierre Marcolini

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