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When a Lace becomes a signature

On the occasion of 30th anniversary of the Maison, Carine Gilson undertakes to create her own lace. Based on her work and archives, this pattern represents her universe, her garden. Through this path, from stitch to stitch, she builds the true DNA of the brand.  A floral motif on the border between Art Nouveau and Art Deco, two styles that have strongly marked Belgian architecture and design and have inspired her since her beginnings. This handmade design was conceived with the aim of offering infinite possibilities of inlays and uses. During its conception, she imagines her lace as a journey between the stitches. Like painters, she pushes her expertise to a methodical approach as graphic as it is technical. 

At the same time, she consolidates her identity of her brand and protect her heritage. Carine Gilson has teamed up with lacemaker Sophie Hallette, who will realize and produce this exclusive lace. This lace has been named «Intemporelle». Timelessness, being a brand value, is stranger to time. Invariable. Durable. Ineffaceable. Timeless is a key collection where lace remains eternal. Each piece, each detail is thought and design to be long-lasting. The transmission of an inheritance, the succession of a wedding trousseau, an immutable item. This is why Carine Gilson concludes that it is essential to use it in collections over the next ten years.

 Few manufacturers can afford such an investment. Work is not the only driving force behind the collaboration, but trust and passion.  A journey through time in her past collections leading to a news stage.  A precise moment of creation raising the greatest pillars of a Maison.  How a work, a passion, a lace can become a signature.

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