Originel Garden

Originel Garden

The Designer Carine Gilson takes a journey back in time to design the Spring Summer 2021 collection. She immerses herself in her archives, taking inspiration from a
motif from her first Garden. A floral pattern that immerses us in a dream in the middle of wilderness. The branches of the trees are strewn with leaves and flowers, on which
birds will land and invite us to travel. A collection entitled “Original Garden” like the bewitching shadow of a unique garden. The delicate association of lace with the
pattern encourages poetry and reflects the values of the brand. A timeless lace designed by Carine Gilson, a unique and exceptional lace.

For the “Jardin Originel” collection, Carine Gilson experiments with silk using a eroded silk screen printing technique. Faded silk allows hidden colors to emerge. A
palette of soft and powdery colors that is born from chance. The dark black of the silk is revived by the delicacy of the roseta, an aged pink. The tenderness of a lilac that
reveals the white reflections of the jade stone. Then, in a second time, a declination appears with a more brilliant and sparkling range. An alchemy between topaz green and
mother-of-pearl brings luminosity. A range of even more brilliance with the association of a coral and a sparkling mimosa. A range of varied colors that illuminates and
revives the kimonos, the undresses, the night sets, the nightgowns, and all the pieces of the collection.

The result is a collection with an association of know-how, mixing silk and lace. It leads to a game of seduction between floral motifs and the lace that is a must for the
house. The lace is inlaid in the silk, like the roots of a tree, bringing transparency and sensuality highlighting femininity.

Discover the new creations from the Belgian designer Carine Gilson, luxury silk lingerie made of excellence and craftmanship in her atelier.

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